Unit Stories Index


Story 1

104 Sig Sqn and 1CSR History Overview
Story by Denis Hare, 104 Sig Sqn, SVN 1967-68

Story 2

The Squadron on the Move
Article on 104 Sig Sqn at Holsworthy in 1984

Story 3

104 Sig Sqn deploy on Exercise CID Borealis 2002 in Canada
Story by Lt Chris Keogh, 104 Sig Sqn, 1CSR  

Story 4

104 Sig Sqn deploys on Operation Anode in Solomon Islands
Story by Maj Susan Turner, OC 104 Sig Sqn, 1CSR  

Story 5

The Silk Banner
Nominal Rolls of 104 Sig Sqn Service in South Vietnam and the Solomon Islands now in Unit Boozer  

Story 6

The 43rd Birthday of 104 Signal Squadron in southern Afghanistan
Story by Maj David Jenkins, OC Afghanistan Signals Squadron

Story 7

Force Communication Unit-1 and the changes of command for the Afghanistan Signals Squadron  Story by WO2 Mick Clarke, SSM Afghanistan Signals Squadron (104 Sig Sqn),  Force Communications Unit 1 (FCU-1)

Story 8

104 Sig Sqn ACV Stories from the 1970s
Stories by Dennis Wynne and Ken Twining

Story 9

104 Sig Sqn Group Photo
Taken at Holsworthy in 1990

Story 10

104 Sig Sqn Relocation Parade
Holsworthy to Darwin - 22nd October 1996

Story 11

Signals and ACV's - Post Vietnam

Story by Denis Hare detailing the history of the ACV's Post Vietnam until retirement for service in 2011.  ACV Callsign 85C now park up permanently at 1CSR (104 Sig Sqn)
Story 12 104 Sig Sqn Farewall Parade for Service in South Vietnam Programme
Corps Day 16th April 1967 at Wacol | 4 Sig Regt, 7 Sig Regt, 104 Sig Sqn and 129 Sig Sqn

Story 13

Force Communication Unit-9.  The Star Newsletters
"The Star" is the Newsletter for the families and friends of the Force
Communicaton Unit VIII (FCU-9), deployed in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) during 2013.  Many members of 1CSR are serving with the "tri service" unit.
Story 14 104 Sig Sqn 50th Birthday in Darwin
20th November 2015 - Story by Denis Hare
Story 15 Honouring the Vietnam War Dead at the 1st Combat Signal Regiment
by Denis Hare and Ken Mackenzie
Story 16 Signaller Alexander Young Battle Communication Wing
8th August 2018 - Story by Denis Hare
Story 17 105 Sig Sqn hands over to 104 Sig Sqn at Australian's main operating base in the Middle East (March 2020)
by Capt Jarrad Baldwin - Defence News
Story 18  Exercise Kentia Palm - Lord Howe Island Airstrip Construction 1974
By Denis Hare
Reserved For you 1CSR/104 Sig Sqn story