Operation Anode

Regional Assistance to the Solomon Islands

By Maj Susan Turner, OC, 104 Signal Squadron


During the period 13 March – 28 July 2004, 57 personnel from the 1st Command Support Regiment comprising 48 RASigs, six RAAC (employed as Radio Operators) and three RAAOC (clerical and que support) personnel deployed to Honiara, Solomon Islands as the third rotation of the CIS Squadron element for the Combined Task Force 635 (CTF 635). 

The deployment largely comprised of members from 104th Signal Squadron within the 1st Command Support Regiment is a significant event as this is the first operational deployment for 104th Signal Squadron since Vietnam. 

The aim of the deployment is to provide the necessary Communications and Information Systems to support the CTF 635. 


The CTF 635 Mission is is to provide military security and logistic support to Participating Police Forces (PPF) to enable them to restore the rule of law in the Solomon Islands.


The Participating Police Forces comprises representation from Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and Cook Islands. 

The Combined Task Force comprises representation from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Tonga. 

Operation ANODE is the ADF codename to the mission – which is more broadly referred to as Operation HELPEM FREN.  

The deployment of ADF personnel to Operation ANODE occurred on 24 July 2003. It was a result of the Australian Governments’ commitment to assisting in the restoration of law and order in the Solomon Islands. 

Communications and Information Systems services

104th Signal Squadron provides the following services to Operation ANODE:

  • 2Mb Parakeet satellite trunk to Australia

  • Meridian PABX - secure and non secure voice telephones

  • Nortel Passport

  • Combat Net Radio using PSC-5 Spitfire, HF and VHF Raven

  • Formal Messaging

  • Information Systems - Defence Restricted Network and Defence Secret Network

  • Applications such as SDSS, PMKeys, ADF Pay, etc

  • Video Teleconferencing

  • Welfare Communications for all CTF and PPF nations

Sig Edhouse and Sig Kreisfeld from 104 Sig Sqn in Honiara
Signaller Edhouse and Signaller Kreisfeld take time out to visit the local children around Honiara at Easter. The soldiers are from 104 Signal Squadron based in Darwin Northern Territory and are
 deployed on Operation Anode to maintain communications.  (Date taken: 30 March 2004)

Lance Corporal Blake Douglas of 104 Signals Squadron takes time out to reflect on the history of Anzac Day.
Lance Corporal Blake Douglas of 104 Signals Squadron takes time out to reflect on the history
 of Anzac Day.   (Date taken: 23 April 04)

Sig Hoy and Sig Baraba adj equipment in Solomon Islands
Signaller Hoy and Signaller Nick Baraba from 104 Signal Squadron adjusting the Satellite
Communication Terminal in the Solomon Islands.  (Date taken: 20 May 04)

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