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Birthday Parade, Display and Dinner 20th November 2015

The 104th Signal Squadron celebrated its 50th birthday with a parade and dinner in Darwin on the 20 Nov 2015.   A few made the trip to Darwin for a great day with our old Squadron and new Regiment.

50th Birthday 104 Sig Sqn - Nov 2015

See Story 14 for birthday report

50th Anniversary Reunion 2016 on the Gold Coast

Semicentennial Reunion 2016

28-30 May 2016

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Unit raised 30th November 1965

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FCU-9 Newsletters

"The Star" is the Newsletter for the families and friends of the Force Communicaton Unit IX (FCU-9), deployed in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO).  Many members of 1CSR are serving with the "tri service" unit.   See Story 13 to read the newsletter.

Old Iron War Horse Retires

ACV Callsign 85C RetiresMarking the retirement of the Armoured Command Vehicle M577A1 (ACV), known to many as “Callsign 85C”.  1st Combat Signals Regiment (1CSR) held a short commemorative service at the unit on the 8th December 2011 with the 104 Sig Sqn pennant proudly flying from the vehicle. 

Callsign 85C saw most of its operational service in Vietnam with 104 Sig Sqn.  Its role has remained with 104 Sig Sqn ever since with many more armoured vehicles being added to the unit fleet since Vietnam.  ACV’s were retired from service last year being replaced with the Bushmasters PMV’s and M113AS4 APC’s.  Our beloved ACV is now mounted on plinth at the entrance to 1CSR, Robertson Barracks, Darwin.  See Story 11 for details of Signals and ACV's - Post Vietnam.

104 Sig Sqn ACV Stories from the 1970s

Three short stories from the past

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